Take my hand

Many times, I imagine another living person took my hand in his/her and tell me to chill. 

Tell me that I will be safe with them. 

To reassure my heart and soul that they need not to worry about the weight of the world I'm living.

I guess I just need to imagine it over and again still. Because I am shivering and fucking scared. 

This is tiring and I can't talk much nowadays. 

060913 03:11

Pertama kali

Pertama kali hantar pesanan ringkas kat ayah ucap 'I miss you'. Harap ayah tak panik dan kaget.

Rindu kat mak takyah nak cakap lah. 

Besarnya kuasa Tuhan, macam-macam jenis manusia Dia jadikan. Macam-macam jenis situasi kita kena hadap dengan kewujudan pelbagai manusia tu.

Benda paling payah seperti biasa ialah untuk memuaskan hati semua orang. Benda kedua payah ialah untuk menjaga hati semua orang. Semuanya berkaitan dengan semua orang. 

Yang aku sorang ni macam mana? Heh.
*senyum nipis*

Winter time

Just realized that it's Autumn last week upon seeing dried leaves falling to the ground.

And now you tell me it's Winter already? It's getting colder each passing days. 

Help me to survive, please.

Mere dil

'You can't trade my heart with anything else in the world.'

You won't find one likes it.

( )

Wish you were here.

I must be dead if I don't think about you.

To walk, to run

I walked a minimum of 2 kilometres a day. Sometimes it reached 4 to 5 too.

Last night I dreamed of going back to Malaysia and the feeling was so great. It was triple homey. I feel sad when it stopped.

Now, where should I start running to? I still cannot find a firm thing to hold on to.

I only have memories to keep inside.

Please, miss me

And if you were wondering, it's true that I miss you. Please, keep sending the vibe.

My life is still upside down and hoping for it to get better pretty soon.

I'm tired of having to imagine too much of a wonderful surrounding with people I adore around here with coffee and books and food and sweets and few good conversations and intellectual talking and great music enjoyed together because I'm so lonesome here.

Heh. It's 'The Smiths - Please, please, please, let me get what I want' playing in the house now. No kidding.