This is hard

But I won't give up.

Healthy promise

Well I can also say it as pinky promise. Pink has always been related with health too (dentist described your gums and teeth condition as pink if it is in good condition).

Coming back to some senses, I am driving myself nuts by adding my weight more and more and by being fat. I rarely call myself fat but this time I'm agreeing to it for the first time. Hahaha. 

Already cross over the weight limit I always carry in my thoughts thus here I am trying and making a whole new experience by doing some weight lifting (well only the dumbell of course) and other exercises as routines. I go to sleep at night having tight muscles only to wake up the next morning praying not to strain them. 

I also am adding more veggiesand fruits to my already lots of veggies and fruits meals everyday. I cut on my carbs intake of daily rice portions to something else. Well, I can say I am in control when I eat alone. 

But all these get tougher when your father take you to dinner and blablabla. Of course you get to eat tasty and delicious (fatty) food too from time to time. It's called a time break. A recess. Haha.

Pardon my rusty language. I just need to start reading and writing again. I figure out that if I don't jot things down, I get pretty messy and just get lazier. 

Get up and stay strong Anna! 

Any of you now making exercises a habit? Tell me your beauty secrets please pretty handsome please. Haha. Let's all be beautiful and indulge in oneself more.

Take care peeps.

It's 2015, wake-up!


Time to take action and be a responsible human being.

And stay kind, always.