Ramadhan Kareem

Dear God, hold my hand.

Dear angels, wake me up gently.

Dear family, thank you for this ties. You guys are the best support system I could ask for. Plus some friends who understands how I function and stay.

Count your blessings. Fight harder.

Kita semua cuma hamba yang berkali-kali diberi peluang untuk menikmati apa yang dihidangkanNya. Stay calm. 


The worst feeling ever.

Fuck you.

I guess bitches are all just scared people putting on too much of defense mechanism. Assholes too. That's just how they function.

Keep respecting people who deserve your respect.
Be kind and kinder.

Kinder bueno would definitely calm me right now.

Carousell and scammers

I had to letgo a large amount of my favourite things. But well, I guess items can be replaced once I get to be stable again. 

Come and browse what I'll selling here. I can assure you everything is genuine. Either bought in boutiques or outlets. Some are from my humble collections (yet to be uploaded) and some are bought with the idea of selling back then.

Check it out: carousell.com/annayaacob

If after browsing you happened to fall into buying from somebody else, just keep in mind that there are a lot of scammers as buyers and sellers. Found two scamming buyers in a week of being on Carousell. Just be carefull and take your time. Ask for opinions. Check out their accounts and trust your instinct.

Have fun shopping and perhaps start selling your items too!


Seems like everything is changing. I'm not okay with it but I guess I'll be fine.

If this is for the better I just have to cope with it.

*putting on invisibility cloak over myself*