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I'm turning 29 in a month plus 10 days. Still not married. And single. And I bet 2018 will be the year where people started to realised how old I am and asking me to get married. Though I don't think all those will affect me much.

Unless people started to point on how lonely I am. Because I am. That will make me cry.

Some of you may see me as a happy girl dealing with her daily life bravely whatsoever. But I wish I can just sleep and let the time pass. Because that's what my inner desire is.

I have been hating life so bad that it is now a boring agenda. 
Let's celebrate life shall we?

Grant me great health and better state of mind.

Ucapan pertama 2018

Selamat tahun baru!

Banyak nak tulis tapi itu jela dulu.