To ignore is just not a common trait for a me

I lost a big part of me. Fought for it but no point. After months of numbness, now I felt as if those portion that decided to leave me, are just pieces I don't really need anymore. Perhaps it's just my brain doing the trick, to survive without them. Because deep inside I still miss everything. Every shared laughter and stories. Every silence shared too.


It is pretty interesting how human do it. Adapting to environment that we never thought we could survive. It is not just about time and space though. Your willpower plays some important roles too.

I never have the courage of leaving. I could not even throw away my toys from 20 years ago. Or the t-shirts I love so much to wear to sleep because it's so comfortable for years even if it's torn here and there.

I am usually attached to everything. And affected by everything.

But I have now mastered the art of ignoring.
Thank you.