Happy 2022

Tak tahu nak rasa happy atau tak. Basically this is the year for me to hustle. Whether nak kena juggle more jobs or change of job again, idk. We'll see where this goes. Deep down I feel distracted for not being able to have common clear goals with these people I look up dearly. Another wrong direction for me? To be honest idk.

There you go, two idk in a paragraph.

Not knowing where this is going is not good. Aku sangat tak boleh rasa stuck. I tend to leave immediately.

Anyway, turning double three this year in just one and a half month.

Greatest achievement so far is being able to sleep before 12 for most of the days. Congrats to myself.

Aging is just numbers adding up. What I want to focus on this year is my health. And wealth.

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hai assalamualaikum. saya Hann