To not be able to write is like pain in the head. Everything jumbled up together for a long time. Summing things around and then you got nauseated and high. Then, slowly things just fade away. It's silence all over again. Next you got up and turn up the volume high. The songs are all haunted ones with memories. It hurts. But it ease the pain a little. Little by little you started to feel calmer. And even this is bullshit.

Enough. Hello new year. You found me, again.


shandye. said...

selamat tahun baru! semoga 2012 membuka lembaran baru untuk kita semua menjadi manusia yang lebih baik...


aLepfugazi said...

I feel you. Anyway, happy new year ;-)

izas said...

Selamat tahun baru. Semoga makin dekat dengan Allah. =)

Pisey said...

Terima kasus! (:

I feel you, feel me (: Thanks!

Amin. InsyaAllah, moga lebih keberkatan yang diraih.