I need all those tremble, quiver, shiver. I don't feel quite alive these days.

I don't even make sense that I watched Korean dramas. Now a few of my girlfriends even questioned since when do I like watching these.

They never knew this soft-side of me apparently. I can't believe I am a mystery! I do watched them before this actually. It's just that I don't prefer watching with a company presence.

I sell tears cheaply. Please believe me. Especially for the Bollywood industry. Kudos.

I; don't have a clue where my life is heading now. Oh yeah the efforts are here struggling just fine.

Let's pray more. I've sinned enough.

I need my robot system to come back normal. I need to press the reboot button.

Wake up! Somebody please tickle me.


izas said...

hi, dear :)

yep, i also feel like this at some point. now and then. it's never ending, really. you go up and then you're back on the ground. wishing someone would pick you up and sweep the dust off.

but He never leaves you. take a few silent moments to think and wonder what exactly you should be doing.

all the best! :)

Juno said...

Work hard, but live in the moment.

Aku malas nak geletek. kang kau terkencing.

h.a.n said...

i miss you

Pisey said...

Thank you my dear(;

Pisey said...

Aku kencing dalam jamban la. Hahaha. Thanks!

Pisey said...

Miss you too. Long time no see(: i got lost in the way a little. Noworis. Will be back at being awesome.