Lazying around sipping coffee

I find it hard to brain people with low common sense. Sometimes I wish I don't have a lot of common senses so that I wouldn't have to adapt with the unnecessaries all the time. Sometimes I think common sense is a matter of respect. Sometimes I think those with low ones are just pretty lazy to think about what it would be like to fit in someone else's shoes and so on. Sometimes I think too much like right now, yeah right now.

One more paper to go. Then finished with all the exams of my MSc. It's 140pm and tomorrow at 2pm I'll be sitting for the paper. Ha, haven't read any topics yet.

May God keep our heart at a safe place. Amin.


Primadona said...

goof luck in everything you do! :D

juwita said...

Anananana :p
Good luck. Sy pon this upcoming weekend ni dah nak final exam.

Wuuu. Nak study tapi belum sampai rasa nak study lak.