What happened in September and October?


Lepas submit dissertation on September 1st, aku tidur dan makan banyak. Lepastu proses pindah rumah angkut barang and so on.

Met few bitches I wish their parents disagree with their attitudes too. Else I don't know what else to say, perhaps ke mana tumpahnya kuah kalau bukan ke nasi. It was a mess really.

My head went upside down. Had trouble keeping myself well too. All in all grateful to have awesome lovely friends with me in Manchester to the last bit. 

Had my last euro trip to Paris, Amsterdam and Barcelona. Ran out of money. Broke and borrowed large sum of money for the first time and hopefully it will be the last as well. Already made the payment with the end of study allowance.

Gonna skipped most of the restless parts because it's killing me. 

Lepastu balik Mesia naik flight sorang. Sangat kalut because time was never kind masa tu. Banyak benda tak habis treasure lagi. Sad. But I believe I'll get the chances in the future. Will make it happen insyaAllah.

Barely alive trying to fit in the weather in Malaysia. Bukan nak kata dah jadi orang UK, aku memang tak serasi dengan cuaca panas dari dulu lagi. Something with silau and eye strain and I don't know what. So nak adapt from below ten degree to twenty plus memang haru. Demam seminggu stop dan demam balik a few times. 

Kerja belum dapat sebab kerja saya makan dan tidur masih. And yeah Clash of Clans.

By the way, I'm officially fat. I called myself garfield these days.

The end.


Mun said...
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Pisey said...

Hi there Mun. Already read yr comment before it was deleted though. Thanks anyway(: glad you find it nice even when I didn't wrote all the nicest things in the post. Take care. Keep writing yours too. Me as a fifteen girl had had such bumpy life as well. Till then. Well I just hope you read this and say hi back to me. See ya!