To have that moment of solitude to oneself, to still breathe the same air as thee, to embrace your pain and hatred inside, to shut all ears from the noise of everything, to feel and taste the same thing at the same time. I just cannot dive too deep anymore. It crushed me.

The trip to Terengganu was successfully done. Two days and a night. The beach and the sand, the resort (taking pictures of the beautiful scenery only) and the sea, the green and the grass, the eating and drinking, the very long walk, the warmth of aunties and families, the laughter and awesome friends.

It was a quite tired journey since my right foot got a tiny cramp moment. But it was wholly perfectly done with captured memories. I am grateful.

Thank you.



tieykah said...

only Allah knows how much ILOVEYOU

Pisey said...

And He knows how big things I keep for you inside here too (;