If only by if, the world stop caring

There will be one point in life when people you care stop chasing and looking after you so much; you feel so invisible. Perhaps that will be the almost-perfect time for the one you keep chasing all this while to come rolling easy. Then tada!

You got a life savior.

Because I cannot imagine myself to be left broken alone so long without hands to wrap around me when needed. Especially when you care so much about the world.

And well, this is just an 'if only'. Heh.

Perhaps when that time comes and no prince charming with his white horse come rolling, I am much stronger than now to get through it.

Yeah, I am hopeless romantic at times.

I wonder if I gave you guys some permanent colors and stains to remain for years even when I am no longer here. I just wanna be remembered as someone who listened, and have a kind heart.

Because nothing else matters.

As usual, I shall sleep now. I think too much and it's tiring.

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