I nearly died because this could only happen in dreams

I spent the weekend at a friend's house. We used to be roommate during our foundation year of 2007/2008. It's remarkably funny that she had to come and work in Manchester for 2 months and reached here a week before I did.

So cut to the point, yesterday she was invited by her office mate, Chris for his family's weekend lunch, so she asked him whether she can bring two friends along and he said yes. They were all very nice people and there were pretty daughters and great grandma and grandpa and well, the barking dog.

I was so dumbstruck that I get to sit at the back of an A5 convertible Audi when Chris came to fetch us from the train station at Crewe. And the house were huge. Ha, imagine one you see in the English movies with the back yard, and the garden yard and the more than five cars thing. And Chris let us have a look at a picture of a house of his relative, which could be called as a castle.

Do you watch Downtown Abbey or had came across the ad before? Yes, that building.

We ate berries and berries and berries from the trees and I could see apples and sweet chestnut and pears and the flowers and the wisteria trees (just like the name of the lane in Desperate Housewives) and the pond and ahh I cannot describe all in one.

The day before I discovered books and books and books that were listed in my to-read lists on the shelves of the same friend's apartment. They belonged to the owner, who is a 27 years old lady. She is an artist. I mean as artist, artist. Not the celebrity artist.

And this morning I went through the CD collections and well you can imagine me started putting each CD I found in the player. The Beatles, Weezer, Smashing Pumpkins, The Smiths, Bob Dylan, Arcade Fire, Joni Mitchell, Pixies, Interpol, Beck, Nirvana, Elvis Presley, Billie Holiday and I'm too lazy to type them all.

Mm, the conclusion is, it was a blast yesterday at Crewe because the dessert were superbly delicious I nearly cried eating the lemon meringue, strawberry and creme, and vanilla ice cream and apple and blackberry pie grandma made. The second one is, I wish I rented this apartment instead of the house and room I had now. Because it's in the city and I could save on bus pass by walking to school and the house is so warm since the price I have to pay is quite the same and this one got all these books and CDs and, and, never mind.


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