'I don't hate the job.
I'm just not capable of handling the pressure very well.

Pardon me for being emotional.

I don't let go of things easily.
I hate that part of me.

I state all the feelings to people I care about when I feel like saying it.
Turns out telling the truth is not the right way in some situation.

I am sorry for hurting you guys with my over thinking.
I just want things to be good.

And for moments spent to be special, not awkward.

I am such a weirdo.
Yeah I think too much again.


Maybe I changed. Maybe I'm too depressed it shows.
Or maybe I don't progress, hence I was left behind.

Should I die anytime soon, please remember me as someone who laugh out loud almost all the time. The cheerful one. The caring one. The one who eats a lot. The one you guys used to give a special place in your heart and mind.


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