I find that I get anxious even around people I'm familiar with these days.

Life is okay. Except that I'm counting my money. That's a harsh life to someone who doesn't want money to be a problem.

In order to feel less pressure about working, I took my job less seriously. Sounds like the only option I have at the moment and yeah finding myself hard to wake up in the morning.

Discussing about life plan with the girls; suddenly two of them mentioned about how mature I have become. Surprisingly to them I don't sound rational when I raged about resigning last September. Haha.

I still believe that everybody should act the way they want. As long as they're kind to one another. If you choose a different path, then just do it. I am collecting my courage and well, funds to do so.

Perhaps sharing my backup plan in details to people around me won't put me in a reasonable category, hence I keep that to myself.

Well, I only have myself after all :)

Hello December. Please be great.

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