1. I thought I have done my best. But turned out no I did not.

2. Friends come and go. I can't believe people would actually leave though.

3. I miss the young girl who only knows how to chat on YM when she used the Internet years back. Oh and play Literati on Yahoo Games before adding nice ones on her YM list. That was more than 15years ago. It was genuinely fun.

4. Seems like I started missing all the good pieces again. I don't know how to patch things up again. But I'll try harder to get the best of it.

5. Sorry for disappointing almost everybody. I guess in life we can only satisfy certain people at a time. That sucks.

6. I almost did not recognize myself anymore. It hurts yet I'm numb.

7. Dear God, hug me please.

8. I miss everybody. I wish I'm back in Manchester. Relationship seems quite easy when I was there. And I don't mind having the struggle there because only I matter. Others are good to go with just a piece of me.

9. Life as an adult is hard. I think my heart is a little calmer. I felt like crying all of a sudden.

10. I want to go home. I need a home.


Iry_A said...

tiap kali ada manusia yang tinggalkan kita, kita selalu fikir ; kehilangan mak adalah paling perit sekali tapi malangnya tiap kehilangan itu tetap menyakitkan. haha *pujuk hati* kita selalu rindu rumah yang ada emak di dalamnya sebab beliau paling faham tentang semua rasa kita dan seisi dunia.


stay hanging there.

hope akak still ingat kita,
khairul fatehah :)

Pisey said...

Thank you :) of course I remember. You're the one who confessed wishing I'm a guy hahaha. The others don't confess here

Pisey said...

They told me in my face. Ajak kahwin wishing I'm a guy hahahaha.