Coffee moment

After a while, last night I sipped my big mug of coffee with 3 friends. The coffee is black in colour. I mean, very-the-black one with very-the-bitter taste.

Well, we actually had meal at my house for break fasting yesterday. Inviting another 6 friends who stay in the hostel.

I now live with 4 members in the house. But all 4 of them does not prefer to indulge in the world of caffeine. It's their choice. Their lives.

It's good you know. The feeling is good. To share a coffee moment with peeps who laugh out loud with you.

The one who shares.


tieykah said...

I love coffee too.

And I love you more

Pisey said...

It's a never ending love between you and me sayam.

(; Take good care of yourself always.

Bijen M. said...

It's coffee mates.

Pisey said...

Bijen M.
Heheh. Betul. Tapi lately prefer kopi hitam. Tanpa the coffeemates. Sebab tak ada mates berdekataan nak join sama. Sekali-sekala je ada coffee mates betul-betul (;

miya said...

<3 love love love