Being gelenya

I have a habit of scheduling my blog post, since I know how to.

Right at this very moment, I may/must be sleeping loudly on the bed without the blanket on. It kinda hot nowadays even with the air condition in action. And yes I struggle to not switch it on all day and night.

Tonight will be my flight to KL from KBR. I'll be boarding the last flight on schedule for today- Saturday, crossing to arrive on the early morning of Sunday. Did I tell you I have a girlfriend? Yes and she'll be the one picking me from the airport on the early Sunday morning, of course along with her boyfriend who's gonna drive. This girlfriend of mine will be going back to KBR in the early May for a week. She's gonna let me use her car to wherever I wanna go, whatever I wanna do. That is what a girlfriend is for. Love you honeyh!

I think I'll just be bringing up my laptop to do my reports of the internship things, my running shoes for show-off reason, my coloured-papers notebook and a black-ink-pilot-gel pen, my internship logbook (in need of updates on April activities), the phone chargers, an overpriced comb, the baby powder, my Moschino, shirts, 2pair of jeans, pajama, a new toothbrush and my preferable brand of toothpaste, face cleanser and other necessaries I'm too lazy to state here.

Mentioning my Moschino here, I have been in love with the smell of it since I can't remember when. I guess it was 2004 when I first fell in love with it, moschino couture. Yes, that's me. Sadly I can't seem to find it here in Malaysia anymore. Bought myself one in London 2009. Later brother gave me a bigger one as a present at the end of 2010. If I keep using them at this rate, sadly spoken both will die before reaching 2013. Anyone care of buying me one? Heheh. I have been asking a few friends to search for it in UK. I don't keep high hope though. The perfume has been discontinued or something for being old.

Pardon me. I forgot to inform you that I have proudly finished my practical session on Thursday. I'll be hating May for the dateline of submitting the draft report, the logbook and the full report. Not to forget, the 30-minutes presentation solo-ly in front of two panels that will be going on 15th. One of them taught me Electronic Communication and Digital Technology for two different semester. Now, now--what did I actually learn from the internship thing?

Ahaa. Long typing here. It's been a while, kan?

The plan of mine when reaching KL is, I don't know yet. I hate to plan a plan nowadays. Not that I don't look forward for things anymore, I am just being tired of planning. Let just do things, shall we? Example, sleeping. You don't plan to sleep. Because if you do, you end up not being asleep. But sleeping is a very good thing. It keep you thinking deeply each and everytime you open your eyes to check on the time, the brain functions really well telling you to sleep more. Keh keh. 

As usual, I only prepare the list to eat there. New place of nasi arab at Seri Kembangan with classmates on Tuesday, Subway before 2nd May because I have coupons of buy one 6' free one 6', dominos pizza I have been craving since January and of course to Tutti Frutti Uptown Avenue Seremban II. Why would I waste my money on other outlet when I could actually eat there for free? It's my sister's, her fiance's and their friend's.

And starting from 20th April 2012, I also have a brother in law owning the same place. Grateful, hoorayh! This 5th of May will be the 'hantar menantu' ceremony.

A friend has asked me to join her and her boyfriend and her boyfriend's friends for Broga Hill. That explain the running shoes actually. Oke, add another stuff in the luggage then. My old poor olym-olym.

Pray for things to go well. Amin.

I hope to breathe long and live great. Salaam.


cik busuk yg sunburn said...

tutti frutti ada delivery service ke upm tak? ;p

nadia izzah said...

sey, nk layout gini gop

syazana shahar said...

woi nak tutti frutti dominos free jugak!

Pisey said...

Hahaha. Mengadanya. Cair la awak. Kete kite takda fridge.

Buat la (;

Hik hik!