Sometimes, I think I expect a lot from the others. I expect a lot, so I tend to go berserk when things does not work out the way I want it to be.

I also expect a lot from myself. No wonder I feel like failing all the time, for not being a winner but a full-time whiner.

But you know, shit happen for a reason.

Pardon me.


nuRuL said...

oh dear, i expect alot from u too! (hahaha) especially during these very final days! tick tock tick tock, countdown: nine! i love u sooooo very much not-so-lil sistahhhh! xoxo

Pisey said...

Hik hik. Still little maa! 5days to go. Aggggh.

miya said...

i feel you! :'(

Pisey said...