I treat everyone I know as my bestfriend

Few days ago, a friend asked me. Is there anyone that I consider as my bestest friend that I have known for years since school or from childhood.

I was silence for a while, taken aback. My mind was busy rummaging for the perfect person to fit the criteria but my heart was at a calm pace.

I told her I have none. I told her I shut myself from people I know from time to time when I change my place of study etcetera. Especially after mom passed away. I shut myself from everyone.

Minutes after that, I added to her proudly that many friends around me consider me as their bestfriends. And well I did too. So I said to her that I can conclude that I have more than a bestfriend that I could count on whenever needed. And they perfectly knew from the depth that they won't lose me no matter what happen.

Something I would like to brag about myself. Spend a total of calculated moments for more than three days with me, you won't forget me for the rest of your life.


Unless you're just too full of yourself that you can't see how awesome I am as a friend. Yeah, I am that awesome kind of person. No lie.


juwita said...

You should spend a week with me, so you won't forget me as your 'cik hawa'.


izas said...

jom lepak sesama! :)

ya-na said...

Ehem. I am (even more) awesome.

Pisey said...

Cik hawa
Haritu nak melepak kat UPM awak yg tak kasi respon cik!

InsyaAllah. Let's make time for that

Ehem. Aumm. *makan eskrim*