I can't draw, so I sing

Itu Bo cakap.

So since I don't have a job yet, I'm going to pursue my studies and chase a new dream.

This is going to be a new path, new experience.

I think I'm ready.
Well, yeah I'm ready.


Move your fat ass and get going, lady!

Though kakak asked me to apply for jobs and studies at the same time, see which is gonna come my way, I find it pretty hard to do so. It's like giving hope to many people, though you know from the start that you're going to marry just one.

Ha ha. That sounds pretty wrong to be related to this topic.

Yeah, yeah. I think a lot. But this is me. Jumble of thoughts swirling and crammed in my mind.

Few of my friends are already married and many are going that way too. I'm filled with unexpected invitations. Happy for them.

My prince charming is still busy with the white horse, not knowing which route to take. No worries, I'm good. When the time comes, he'll come.

I have just initiated my application for the courses and universities. It's quite late, I know.

This is all new. And new can be pretty scary.
I'm scared.

Fuhh fuhh.

This is the starting line. I'm just waiting for the gunshot to start running.


ya-na said...

Just "go do" as Jonsi said.

But, remember me.

juwita said...

All the best!

DussederFX said...

wish you best of luck,sayang! Jangan lupa saya disini ya? Jaga diri elok-elok :)