Missing a beat

I miss my violin.

I miss listening to the guys jamming sessions.

I miss me trying to play the guitar.

I miss the good old days when I could do a complete song with just a recorder.

I miss me.



World around us changes from time to time and we're a part of it. Its only for the better or worst. hope its better for you. cheers

*you can play violin?. niceee

ilya syafeena said...

manusia berubah kan?
sedih :(

Anonymous said...

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ya-na said...

Bilaaaaa nak buat konsert?

Hann Haidar said...

but most definitely, i miss you.

Pisey said...

Praying for the better, yes.
*now I have forgotten the fingering, haha. Not nice, not nice.

Yes, dear. All the time. Perhaps we do too.

Dalam jamban hari-hari der. ^^,

I miss everything. But cant seem to reach well. Wait for me. (':