I have been blogging for 10 years

Like seriously if you go across my blogger profile of this Pisey account, you can see that I started this since January 2005. Gila, 10 tahun. It all started since mom passed away you know. Those who read me from where I started again in 2009 after some pausing would know the stories if you read all the entries from start.

My life has been evolving. My writing has evolved too. I know. Kejap sedap, kejap tak sedap. Yeah I can brag like it is nothing. I am that very yakin of myself. I can just give you the look and you would loathe me and don't want to give me a second turn. You would not want to see me in the eye if you pissed me off. Ah, brag again.

And if you have been following for the past few months, I would like to state here that I am not that awesome. I just exaggerate myself. See the blog header. Haha. I have been jobless since I graduated for my degree for a year before I continue my study and finished my MSc. Sometimes I took it as a blessing that He gave me so much and gave me lots of time to spend and manage with friends and families. Some other time, I get so stressed

I never landed on any real job in the eyes of the societies yet. Not according to the norm that goes along with my education and qualification. I was once a waitress for 10 days at a restaurant in Bangi because they fell short of workers that week so I offered to help. Ate for free and even able to bring back more food to the hostel at night. Dropped 3 kilogram in a week due to that. I was once a Tutti Frutti Uptown Avenue worker for more than 3 months and it was a great experience you know. To do all the cleaning, taking care of the other kids, do the closing, count the money, late snack with my friend at 1230am at a fast food restaurant, got to buy Dominos pizza next door at 50% all the time and so many more. Still dropped more kilogram though I eat like a tiger :)

This is way off topic as regard to the title. But anyhow, this is me. I blabber and talk gibberish at times, especially when I got tired. Almost all the time I think I am weird but that is okay right? I believe it is okay. It is hard to try to fit in when you don't fit. But really, as long as we stay kind and be good to people, it should be fine. It has to be. If this alone is not enough, I might as well just get drown and be helpless and self doubt myself and just die.

But, since I got a load of things to do and a lot more to accomplish, I don't want to die yet. Life is a continuous struggle. I want to live until I can say to myself,

"This is it. This is the life that I want. I can die now."

I am not pretty you know. But I would like to see myself as someone with pretty heart. The kind of people you don't want to let go. The kind of people you don't leave behind. So everybody, please stay. If you are a kind person lah. Those with busuk hati please go. I had my own busuk hati moment with carutan I don't need yours to add.

Brag. Yeah I brag to myself all the time. Happy 10 years of blogging Pisey.

To the readers, silent or loud or none,
thanks thanks.

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