If you may ask me why

Money matters so much these days.

1. Haji registration with Tabung Haji (TH). To contribute monthly in the TH account.
3. To contribute monthly in ASNB account.
4. To pay zakat by end of the year from investment and savings account.
5. To buy gold for personal collection. Should this exceed that amount for collection where I have to pay zakat for it, I am obliged to pay too.

6. I want to buy a house. Small or big. As long as I can live with it.
7. To survive number 6, I need to be stable enough to feed myself well.
8. I need good coffee time with friends from time to time. This is quite costly now that I think of it.
9. I don't want to be a burden. I want to survive.
10. I just want to live.

Most of all, I need to pay Ayah for the car deposit he gave. Also I want to contribute monthly to him as well. In order to do all stated above, I need to have a stable income.

But, everything has a but. And butt as well, haha. I don't want to do things I have no passion in.

Umi is not doing very good. She's fighting well though. Going through physiotherapy exercises for her easily cramped leg. I wish I can be near them. Or be able to go back whenever I want to or when I need to.

I want to be flexible. Do what I want. Do what I need. Gain money for my skills and talents. Be able to calmly talk about it. Dream about it. Sleep with it.

So, if you may ask me why?
I just want to live.


Asmaa Hamizah Awi said...

So many reasons to stay, yet so may excuses to leave. Haish la this life.

Asmaa Hamizah Awi said...
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Pisey said...

Life is like that. Life is just because.