People come and go

Ada kawan yang sangat sibuk dengan kehidupannya tiba-tiba datang menyapa.

Sapaan yang bersambung-sambung walaupun aku tak beri banyak masa awalnya. You don't know how much it means to me.

Because this year alone I put so many people called friends in an envelope and put it away. Envelope so far, no more on the bedside for me to reach easily. You were included.

Thank you for the effort, girl. Thank you for still caring. For reaching out and let me know that even through your hectic schedule all these while, you're still there.

Because nowadays even the closest ones seems so far.

It felt like nobody is home. Not like it used to be.

So I guess people actually come and go and some did come back and some just leave forever or maybe I also prefer to leave people too nowadays.

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