I will wait for you

Ada kenangan yang aku gumpal lontar ke satu daerah lain. Tidaklah sebegitu jauh. Tidaklah pula daerah itu suatu tempat yang tidak elok. Aku masih memilih untuk menyimpan kenangan itu. Sudah cukup baik bukan? Atau keputusan ini bakal menghantui aku untuk beberapa tempoh akan datang.

So be it.

Yesterday I went to Midvalley. Had to change the G2000 shirt on behalf of boss for our client in Muar. Long story short, it took me 5 minutes to do it but it's 515pm. So of course I cannot just go out and drive home in heavy traffic.

Selepas buang masa menggelamun minum kopi mahal beserta roti sosej yang mahal juga berseorangan, aku rasa nak menangis. Pertama kali seumur hidup aku rasa tak senang duduk minum kopi sorang-sorang.

Something is lost somewhere. My heart cried so loud I couldn't even state what's the problem at all. Nothing precise I'm just screwed.

After the prayer, I walked around with no plan to do anything. Heard some noises and without realizing I was seating in front of the shop watching three guys having fun with the instruments. So yeah basically they knew I was there to watch them.

Dear Midvalley, thank you for putting stools in front of Rhapsody Valley. After an hour just watching and listening from outside, I drove home. Maybe next time I'll go in and say hi.


Oh the title is because I was listening to this when I started this post.
That's all.

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