Dear God, 

There're so much to ask. So much to be grateful of too. There're also so much to do and to accomplish. 

All year; I was a very stubborn person, a bit rebellious and super lazy. I know I'm not a good servant but I really want to look good and do good for You. 

There are cracks everywhere. And I don't know how to mend all the broken pieces at once. This tainted heart is not capable of magic anymore. I couldn't do a single spell right for people around me.

The moment when Ayah took my work namecard from my car and slipped it into his wallet; I cried. Because I really want to  quit that week. So I dropped that resigning mode and asked myself to stay a little longer. I put a mental note: "I can stop anytime I want" in order to survive.

So 2016, what do you have in plan for me to treasure this time? 

I really just want to be happy. To be content. Do what I really want to do and make a living out of it. 

May we be better.

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