Because she not-so-secretly ask me for this

4th dec 1985 - present time.

Dear sister,
Adek tahu dari sebayi-bayi saya awak sangat tak suka the existence of me. Even when I was little, I realized that I am not your option when it comes to spending some time with. I was always the 'leftover' when you had fun with the neighbours, cousins and friends. We are four years gap in between. The others said that you were just jealous with the fact that me have all the attention as the youngest; or maybe you were expecting a little brother.

But being the not-so-old us now; I guess we both know how anything affecting us, give effects to one another. And yes you have your impact on me in a good way minus the so-called-harsh treats back then. Ha ha.

By the way, please let me know if you happen to get married anytime soon. I need to get rid of this extra kilos hanging on the belly so that we both look gorgeous on that special day of yours.

And oh; being recognized by you means a lot to me. Especially regarding my fashion sense that you love to puji-puji and ask for my opinion from time to time. Walaupun you suka curi my baju selalu. Ahahahaha.

Take care. Be bubbly always (;



miya said...

suke buat org nanges en bace entry2 dia?

suwitnya adek.

Is said...

so sweet.

myjuliana said...

o.m.g. need to shed kilos too. so i'll b the most gorgeous mama amongst all! ngeeee

p is an g said...

itu tandanya awak banyak airmata sayang. hehehe. mana de suka buat orang nangis2 ni. la la la.

adek mmg sweet bergula sangat.

orang nama is ni selalunya hensem. ehem2 (;

hek elleh. mana aci awak sorang je pun pangkat mama!