There will be times like right now, when I miss mom so bad. Usually when I got things out of hand. Not knowing what to do, which to be decided upon. I ponder a lot on everything. The environment, the past and I cannot deny the fact that I think about the future all time. I still have a lot of wishes. I still want the world to be a better place, world peace just like miss universe always mention in the speeches. I dream of my family to be happy, happy, happy. I wish for no harm for everyone around me. Pardon me for my mistakes. Please, forgive me for my wrongdoings and all those messed up conversations you might experienced with me. My mind must be so troubled that things went out of hand. And yes since I got those medicine from the doctor last month for the headache that come and go, I do depend on those pills from time to time. I have some curiosity going on regarding my health condition. It's like I might die early something like that kind of feeling. I plan to swim and jog a lot in order to gain energy more and maintain the stamina.

If you have been wishing too much on me, I am so very sorry if I am not able to complete the picture perfectly the way you want it. I am still learning to paint this wall of life I am in. The canvas so big, sometimes I cannot reach some point- leaving it blank.

I am so sorry. Sometimes I even feel sorry for myself.

There is this sentence I came across today. Saying 'would you like you if you met you?'.Now, would you?

Let us all sleep with a dream. And wake up with a purpose. God must be so happy with that. I hope He never let me fail him.

Right now, I am hungry. Been sleeping all day long. Let's get a late dinner/supper. I plan to fast tomorrow, 1st Rejab 1433H. It has been a while since I got a chance to do so.


Anonymous said...

Rajin gila update blog.

ilya syafeena said...

hai. saja je nak hai.

Pisey said...

Rasa nak muntah banyak sangat. Ni pun dah tahan-tahan.

Alaa, awak ni.