Reading habit

I am struggling to read all of the books on the shelf, on the dressing table, on the floor, in the box, in the closet, on the bed and so many places I had to tuck the books in. Earlier this year, I have been crazy enough to spend hundreds and hundreds for them, even with additional help given by the current government, BB1M.

Goodreads (click) does help though. I see many known-names, Malaysians, friends and non-friends yet who read and did many good reviews on lot of books! Pity me for not stealing enough of my precious time spent on sleeping all morning, to read.

As this is a very special month, I would like to dedicate enough energy to recite that holy Al-Quran. Might as well try to read/understand more the meaning of the beautifully written arabic words by Him. May all of us be showered with love.

Speaking of habit. Do you know how hard it is to leave one? Or to make one?

Fuhh fuhh.

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