My bad (edited title)

If you have not watch this, please do. It's about what happening in Indonesia--dealing with our very own religion, Islam.

Watch this. Share it on your social networking sites. Tell those who cares. Raise awareness over this matter.

Let us all save Maryam. If not us, who else would?

Have you ever watch Spiderman movies? You do remember what great Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker do you?

We may not have great power, but this is still our responsibility.

*(I took down the video on 29th July 2012 - 2:31AM)*

I am far from a perfect Muslim. But this scare me to death.

Do pray. InsyaAllah.


Juno said...

Thank you for the awareness. Now i know.

Pisey said...

You are welcome Juno(;

Anonymous said...

OK. What next? Sending more terrorists to kill innocent people?

Owner said...

Pardon me. What topic are you in mr/mrs anonymous? I don't see it as any relation with my post.

Anonymous said...

It's not fair to show bias on Christianity. (refer to that video)

juwita said...

scary gila.

P said...

This is a reminder to alert Muslims. To convert into another religion is unforgivable actually for us. That scares a lot just by the thinking of it. Now that this is happening, and we weren't aware of the issue before, it hurts. This is not a bias on Christianity. The video just spill out the truth that is happening in Indonesia.

Imagine a family. Half of the members were lost. Other family took them, feed them and start taking care of them. Imagine the first family is your family. Now, you lost them. What do you feel?

That's the point. This is a big reminder for us to start taking greater care of our own family members. We don't want any of them to get lost anywhere/anytime.

I don't want to be one either.

Rick. said...

And thats how the Christians feel over here in Malaysia. Don't you think so? To realize a community about religion is not about comparing other religion by referring to the video. What if Christians over here made the same approach like the video above then?

Pisey said...

Hi there all.

I am very sorry if by posting this on the blog I have raised anger here and there. Really I did not put a lot of thoughts at that time (somewhere after midnight).

I just came to know that those people who were responsible in making the video made up a lot of things. I mean, those weren't really happening in Indonesia. The facts are not even by factual ones. They does made it up to raise that large sum of money all around the world, by raising emotions.

You do have a point there, Rick. I can understand that. The video does make it look unfair on your side.

Again, I am so very sorry for posting this on the blog without taking enough measure of thinking and researching over the matter. My bad.

Thus, I am taking down the video.

If you want to discuss a little more with me privately, feel free to drop a say here. (akupiseydanzays/at/gmail/dot/com) I'm inviting you just to resolve and finalize the matter that has been debated here. Nothing more or less.

Thank you.

Rick. said...

It's okay, Pisey. I do love to read your blog. Maybe the video is quite disturbing me for the after effects. That's all, it's not your fault. I do think that we both realize our responsibility to our own religion. But all I can do best is to respect others and I respect yours too.

Pisey said...

Thanks Rick (;