This is love

Was taking a quick shower just now. I think I heard someone opened the bedroom door while I was still enjoying the cold shower. Been getting a habit of switching off the water heater, preferring to have cold water every single shower I took.

"Imran berak banyak gitemo!!! Sampai kena salin pampers half way sbb takut limpah hahaha"
sender: Kakjuli.geds
sent:30-July-2012 01:52:11

Text message yelling about 'tahi banyak' non-edited from my second sister who is now sleeping soundly in the master bedroom. Baby Imran kind of having some difficulty to fart all day--yesterday. So this news is a perfect relief to us now that he finally poo-ed a lot ^^,

It is love when 'shit' sounds too cute to bear.

Good night.

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