Berfikir mudah. Bertindak mudah. Tapi bukan senang nak memahami dan cuba tenggelam sama. It takes a lot of guts to do so. Sebab bila hati rasa kecut, kita takkan ambil risiko untuk faham lebih. Kita takkan ambil risiko nak lemas sama-sama. Kita takkan ambil risiko nak turunkan darjat diri yang kononnya mulia dari orang lain. Bodoh kan? It's all about steps you take to learn and respect your surrounding. And you gonna be wiser. Bukan susah pun nak cuba celik tengok luas-luas keadaan yang ada. Tapi nak juga tegakkan diri taknak tunduk pada isu yang terbentang. But then, sometimes there will be a situation on which no one is to blame. Though perhaps still you wanna win the argument or let the other side understand what you feel. Because you feel hurt by the misleading situation. Well, sometimes you just had to put your defense mechanism aside to put things at ease. Sometimes, you just has to stay calm and keep silent. And when it happens, you just has to swallow and pray to let it pass. Easy. And yes, you gonna be wiser.

(note to self, last week+days)

Hey there. I am in Brisbane right now. Staying over at my friend's. At the moment using the computer at her campus of UQ which stands for University of Queensland. Tomorrow I'll have to pack my things and go to Goldcoast. Gonna take all the rides that cost me big sum of money just to enter the parks. Wait, had to shop a few things first at Harbour Town. Hope I have enough money to support my desire though. Really, I can't quite understand the slang here. I am more British at heart than I resemble. Keh keh.

Bonne nuit peeps. It's quite cold here at night and in the morning. I just wanna enjoy the present and safely go home.



juwita said...

Seronok betei dapat jalan-jalan. :D

Macy Humaira said...

selalu bertindak dgn bodoh dari secara wise nye.
bertindak mudah, tapi selalunya sebelum berfikir.

Pisey said...

Lebih seronok kalau pitis penuh poket awak!

(; true.