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I wish I could bring light to people I care about most of the time, but I am not capable of doing so. From time to time, I would say sorry to you for mistakes I have done and mistakes I have not yet committed. Because I put people I know very dear at heart. I may seem untouchable and unmoved by the attachments I made around, but I am always in a very vulnerable position. You see, I have flesh heart. Blood in the veins can easily be drained and then I will die soon. You're gonna die too. We are all gonna die. And I need you to know this. I never put my heart in the wrong hand because no one should be able to hurt me without my consent. I am the one who always play a safe bet. Sometimes, I do take challenges. But usually I made sure that my heart is strong enough to bear the consequences. If life bores me, then that's it. If you hurt me, then that's it. I will find some other ways to entertain a me. I will find some other you to befriend with a me. Life does not revolve around you only. There are also me and everyone we know. Not to forget other people out there (whom we does not know, would not care to know and might know later) who try to reach in and out of their own unsolved matters.

Life sucks sometimes, but not at all time. Trust me. Like right now, I'm in a serious trouble- it's heavy. Perhaps later I'll be feeling as light as a feather.

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