Since I don't want to open my mouth much to talk about all these tiring thoughts I have in my head, I'd better just write and blurt everything here.

Life is as tiring as it should be but I am okay. Coping.

Correcting and improving my relationship with Him. I have gone astray too much.

I used to believe a good protected soul can do just anything. Everything you want. So yeah I want to focus on this.

I guess when you're always looking calm and content then suddenly you cry 24/7 and complain and whine about everything people get surprised and it is not their fault when you don't get the respond you deserve. They're just not used to it. So do not complain about it. Accept.

And yeah you can weep to sleep if you need to release the tense.

To make plans for my own. I can do that. Fuhh.

I look up the skies and I think about you Mak. Every single day.

Thank you for a clearer skies these days God. Haze is fading. I hope this shall last. My eyesight is bad enough I cannot see the traffic lights or parking count lights clearly unless I am at a 3-5 meter distance.

I don't know whether I can afford to change the glasses of my eyeglasses; or well just change to a new one. I have this high demand for brands. *screw you*

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