"Few good people.

We just need a bunch of few good people to go on.

Let me be one of your very few good people who stay. And never left.'

I wrote this on September 2013. Before I went to Manchester. I was so afraid that distance is going to mess with so many things around me. 

But no I was wrong. 

Far or near, what matters is the effort, the willingness, the prayer, the choices you choose to hold on to.

But most of all, you need the right timing, the right situation and the right people to be by your side almost at all time to maintain your sanity. Else you could just die alone.

I never leave. I rarely leave. But I do know how to leave.

But still. I usually love to stay. Sad but true.


Macy Humaira said...

Let me be the good people, so please stay.

Afiqah said...