1234 - 2 = 143

i count 1 2 3 4. but then the 2 of us are lost. there left only 1 4 3.
for those who missed-

i'm shivering with anticipation whenever you call my name- just a little tiny whisper could take my breath away in a blink of a second. and here i am still walking alone with my bare hands, having nothing to hold within. meeting you in dreams at night has always been my wish.
i'm curious; is it me that you are missing? ah. i'm blabbering nothing just to figure out things inside which is boiling mad. i'm tired and i don't know what else could settle me down. but if you were around, i might be able of doing things you wonder all long. i am capable of everything now especially if because of you. you taught me a lot in balancing this life i own today.
of course- i'm still in search for the purpose of living my own identity. eventhough you and i are quite alike. no, we are no twin. it is just that being with you makes me happy inside out. it doesn't matter if you just sit there and give me that stare. yes, that stare i'm quite missing for a while now. and then the smile- ah. the heart beat faster now i think of that.

because in the end of the day, every single day; it's still you i miss most-


si gila said...

this feeling.


Manager Tandas KLCC, Takamine Kiyomaro said...

mak aii speaking london lu pise
terkebil kebil aku baca

tangan said...


jo said...

jatuh cinta lagi...

penaberkala said...

good night pisey

hans said...

pisey pisey

zahirlunatik said...

eh pandai rupenye cerita jiwang..hihihi

kash said...

at a time...we dont realize that we forced to miss every single moment wit her/him.we try to deny..but we are naturally not a denial.
how hard it is kan?

pisey said...

to deny diri yang mmg denial?
susah gak.