Thoughts of the day peeps (:

There are days when you wake up, you smile, you decide that today will be a good day so you try your best to put happy thoughts in your head, and it works, half way, because somewhere along that day you stumble upon people who make you sad, people who bring you down either consciously or unconsciously, and your wish for a beautiful day shatters. When this happens – sleep. Sleep is an aircraft that transports you from one aerodrome to the other. Sleep is an aircraft that flies you from today to tomorrow. Sleep – believing and praying that there will be tomorrow. And the next morning, when you wake up, please smile again, please keep on putting happy thoughts in your head. No matter how many people ruin your day and mess you up – sleep, and wake up again. One day, when you manage to go through a whole day smiling, and you bump into someone who helps you to hold up that smile, so long that all of a sudden you don’t want to sleep, you don’t want to get on the great plane, you don’t want that given day to end – don’t let him go. Don’t let her go. Sleep is an aircraft. A substantial, powerful aircraft. If someone could actually stop that aircraft, delay its flight, and make you smile from morning till night, that person my friend, is your modern-day knight.

-wani ardy


amaL said...

pfft! macam baru terpikir pulak. sleep is an aircraft. hahaha.

*dah start training utk semi final mentor? kahkah

pisey said...

kak amal

dah.nk jwb komen tu je.