I'm calling 911

Aku tak rasa hidup macam satu kepuasan sangat lately. It's more to feeding others need. I used to feel great giving them the spaces they need and all. But myself is not really enjoying the habit anymore at the moment.

The comfort zone is not here; had said bye-bye to me last freaking sundays and I hate that. Sundays, not mondays. You know; garfield hate mondays. But just because we share the same belly size does not mean everything has to be equal, aite? I hate sundays. Because sundays were suppose to be the day for you to enjoy and have fun; not wasting every tiny bits of your energy to think about the wasted time not doing anything fun. Duhh. Memberatkan kepala dan bahu saja weh! You know, head and shoulder. Well, this one is no commercial. Head and shoulder company did not and would not pay me for mentioning the name in here after all. But if they want to, I don't mind. Oh, before things worsen; I would like to state here that I did not hate garfield for this. I love him and never got enough of his silly-billy attitudes. And lasagna.

I hate nodding to my inner self that life's like this now. I hate to feel insecure and all these fakap feelings I would like to throw in the bins really got to vanish away with a zaap using my so-called-super-mind before my head explodes.

I need to be fed too you know. Like yesterday when my body system kind of rejecting everything I throw into my mouth. And getting nauseous the whole day today.

Am struggling hard. But likely I'm gonna lose myself soon.
Gaaa. See, attention seeker I am?



Ries Lee said...

makan tak ingat.
tu la pasal!

Robot Baik said...


tieykah said...

u need me tO b by urside sam.
hahaha.so the 'keborimam' will blah.trust me bebeh.

miss u!

Anne M. said...

kamon pisey!

jo said...

pergi la jual keropok lekor kat bazar ramadan. kompom tak boring punya...

p is an g said...



heyhey.raya ni wajib jumpa oke!

jom berkenalan!

kopoklekor sedap mana la nak cari sini.kesian org nak beli makanan tak sedap nanti.ni sedih ni!


Anne M. said...

nama sapa-syazana
tinggal mana-?

syazana said...

peng chepa,kota bharu,kel!

Anne M. said...

rendang,yan, ked