Just so you want to know

I am taking a three-days-break from my work. I mean, practical session that I need to go through for nearly four months time.

Too much of not knowing what to do at work, being clueless and mundane quite kill me.

Tonight at near midnight I'll board a KBR-KUL flight.

So I am going to have Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday to myself.

The plan is to visit and see the kids, buy books using the nearly-expired vouchers I just got this morning from the visiting lecturer, go to see movies with girlfriends, hangout with boyfriends if possible and eat the food on my list.

Heart, please don't get hurt along the way. You should be okay.

I'll be back on Wednesday. This will be my first flight at Fajr. Might as well perform my prayer on the plane- and take in the morning view wholeheartedly.

And yes, hopefully everything will be fine. I heard everything is always fine in the end.

Everyone, take great care. Always.



tieykah said...

I need a bunch of pen.


Happy Holiday sayang:D

Pisey said...

Holiday sungguh sempurna dengan rabaknya. Thanks dearie ^^