It ain't hard to decide. It just get harder when you got other things to think afterwards. The consequences or the reasons clinging to it. The forces that push you away or pull you closer.

Sometimes, just sometimes I wish I don't have to think about what I do. What I need to do. What others might think of my action. What say God. I just want to lie around and get naked to the world. Try to breathe the air in a big green field in the middle of nowhere. There will be shades to cover me from the heating sun, but then still I could swallow all the view of the mountains, clouds and skies. I will live in my imagination, safe and secure. I do not wish to get hurt. I do not wish to feel pain. Sometimes, I think I have got enough. But then sometimes, when I think about it all over again- I know this is nothing compared to those who suffer more, just everywhere in the whole wide world at every tick of seconds. Sometimes, we take things for granted. We judge, we ignore. There are many things around that needed to be taken care of. Things we should deal with accountability but we run. Sometimes, we want to do something so bad but we just cannot reach to it. It may be caused by the environment structure, the relation bonding or even money. Yes, money. Sometimes, we think money is everything though truth is money is nothing.

Sometimes, really I just do not want to think too much. Like, right now.

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