My so-called-holiday report

Alhamdulillah. The trip to KL was awesomely perfectly completely done. I was exhausted to my extent that Wednesday morning, landing in KBR that I slept until Zuhr. Yes, I did not go to work as planned.

I bought a total of more than 15books, gathered from secondhand bookstore in Bandar Baru Bangi and MPH at both Alamanda-MidValley. I only had the space of bringing a quarter of them home. The others go to my girlfriend's place in Klang which I would claimed later in May.


Girlfriends and a guyfriend picked me from the airport at Friday 1am due to delayed flight and sent me to Denai Alam, at my sister's.

I have a very deep liking towards cotton fabric. So I ended spending quite a sum at Jakel Shah Alam with the sisters. Really.

Before that we had lunch at Wong Solo. Ahh, won't go there again. Overpriced with small portion and not even a delighted taste.

The kids caught the flu. My brother in law got headache. My sister had an appointment for her growing belly. So all four got their medicines that night at Menara Clinic. Quite a funny scene to me being the healthy one in there. Ha-ha!


Lazying around during the day trying to read but end up screaming and running at the kids' mischievousness.

Went to IKEA with sister and her bestie and spent money on the unnecessary as usual that night. Who can stand beauty and cuteness and adorableness? Keh keh.


Went to Jakel again, but only to observe sister and her bestie buying theirs. A girlfriend picked me there and brought me to BBB. There's an accident involving more than 3cars on the way there.

Picked two girlfriends at the campus then headed to MPH Alamanda. Spent my first 50MYR book voucher on 3books.

Got to drink Soda Ceria at Nims Island with girlfriends and ate the chicken soup and rice with tempe and anchovies that the girlfriend tapau for me from home at the restaurant table without shame, but with a proud smirk.

Spent an hour in a secondhand bookshop at BBB, situated across PKNS. Grab a lot of books and dust. Paid 30MYR for 8books, 3MYR discounted.

Went lepak-ing at warung under my 2011-1year-5floor-mansion at Seksyen 2 BBB with a girlfriend. Had fried maggi mee and fried kotiaw.


Bought a secondhand book at Warta while waiting for my girlfriend's car get washed.

I ate Pecel Ayam for free, with lime ice at Seksyen 4 BBB because my sister paid for my friends and I. She was on her way to Seremban II and needed to drop her baggage to me.

Watched Bunohan for free since I haven't paid my girlfriend just yet at Alamanda.

Ate Lamb Khabsa for free, with ice tea since a guyfriend paid for us five. It is situated at a furniture building on the way to Kajang bus station. I don't know what the place is called.


I went to Mid Valley and watched This Means War with a girlfriend.

We had lunch at Makan Place which is surprisingly sedap weh with it's reasonable pricing. I cannot recall the name of the lot we bought our food.

Yes I spent my 150MYR book voucher here at MPH, with some additional ringgits for 5books.

Had dinner at BBB Tomyam with girlfriends. Of course I ate Tomyam here, and drank carrot juice with milk.

Had my dose of Oldtown Mocca White Coffee that night with a guyfriend. Though was full enough, I restrained myself from having iced lemon tea as I'm in love with coffee more than anything else.


430am, vroom to LCCT.

635am, flight took off and yes I did not sleep the whole journey home due to breathtakingly beautiful scenery I let myself drown in. I wished I had my olym with me to capture the moment.

It was my first ever sunrise view in my whole life to date. Might as well be seconds and thirds later on.

Daddy picked me and we had breakfast at warung in front of the airport's main gate. Famous for ayam kampung and itik serati.

Dozed off. Krohh krohh. Additional off day.


It was awesome. I have been needing the trip and it was done now. Thanks thanks thanks for the warmth and everything.

Many has asked, how on earth do I get to have a break during my internship period. It was simple, really. Those who skipped their working days usually get their payment to be cut. Since I was not being paid at all, then what to lose?

I even submitted a form for that 3days break.

Submission of full report this May, a few days break, 92% of punctuality, easy-going person I am at work with the aunties and uncles and bosses and friends, knowing the system at work and jot down notes and reports in the logbook casually, am I going to fail this internship?

I dislike this whole internship thing truthfully speaking. And as human, I cannot push myself too much over this. So yes, the trip was awesome to me. I might say super awesome!

Grateful. Thank you.


sharamli said...

Bejalan sakan dia ek..he3

Pisey said...


Hann Haidar said...

wong solo boleh duduk bersila :D

Pisey said...

Banyak lagi kedai boleh duduk bersila! Tanak jugak wongsolo. Pricey tak bertempat pada aku.

Ha ha ha.