It does hurt badly to fit in somebody else shoes. You know; when the feet doesn't fit in

It is not easy to keep living like you don't have a care for the world. Because deep inside you know who you are. I keep testing my belief on certain things around. But the question is still left hanging without an answer even. Sigh. Having my role playing not so well in learning to be a good student had also get me on my nerve. Felt useless for being such a friend who could do nothing to settle some misunderstanding occurred. Involving many. Here saying shit and there saying crap. But hey, should I care about the world more than enough when no one is even looking and tell me that everything's gonna be fine for today, yesterday and the day after? Darn. That's pretty much me. Too much thinking. Lots of sleep. Like a bunch of pretty combination for my lack of ability to settle down when I stressed out. Fuck. Even the word seem too-not-weighty anymore. Well, I-too-am a sinner. Too-too.

Guess I need to take my caffeine dose for the day now. The mind is very much out of focus already. Heh. Don't take this seriously. This just came out of nowhere. Like right now; trying to be a moron.

A super one. Ha. There I sounded like somebody else.


miya said...

tdo pun bagus, nanti jadi beruang kutub. COMELLLLLLLLLLLL :)

p/s: jst pls dont smoke n blah3!


kakpisey said...

miya dear. haha. akak dh mmg semulajadi comel kut (:

*peluk ketat2*

tieykah said...

moron?haha.dulu pon mu moron jugop.sam,miss u.

p is an g said...

haha. moron comei2 (: