Life Is Still Not What I Thought It Was

Hate to have a thought on life. Because it goes on and on and on. Better to think on death. It is certain; just not gonna know when and how. Looking back, I see the childish me. Looking upfront, I try not to hope on things I am not capable of too much. But then it occurred to me that if I stop on taking chances to do things I never thought of doing; then it will be such a waste.

And blah blah blah I goes on blabbering. It is a never-ending list thinking about the future ahead. About those you are not certain about. The ones you have to make-up yourself pretty well before heading into them. And again and again the list goes on.

I told myself deep--'just a little more time, a little more hopes to crash and you gonna be fine'

For now; I'll just be good and nice.

Oceans and skies.
Failures and tries.
Please find me.

Reasons and excuses.
Miracles and changes.

I'm still wishing for all my wishes to come true;
because you raised the dead in me.


Ries Lee said...

aku suka lagu tu...

Anne M. said...

take it easy k..
dunia semata-mata
ingat tu?

miya said...

haa. nak peluk tak? meh nk peluk!! hug hug! :D

p is an g said...

ko suka.aku sangat2 suka.

huhu.i'm fine.tq.

tamao.pegi mandi dulu dear!

hans said...

sedap weih lagu nih
aku terus download

miya said...

eh wangi kot! kamon la akk.
tanak ke? susah nk suro saya peluk ni.
bukan selalu! :D

p is an g said...

haha.bagus!anak yang baik menurut ikutan ibu.haha.

ek eleh.tak baik menipu la syg.haha.