i dream of something special. something extraordinary to popped out from somewhere; even maybe out of universe with no logical explanation to surprise me and trigger my brain cell and give me the simplest idea to go on with life.

to have a purpose of doing so.
i open my eyes. i stare at the ceiling. i took a shower. i comb my hair. i dress up. i walk. i run. i eat. i sleep. i play. i join. i watch.

every single day. we tend to play the same role. or maybe there are little changes as in your position at works, the progress in the family, or happening around friends.

sometimes, we choose to be alone.
sometimes, we want to be hugged.
sometimes, we try reach out our hand.
sometimes, there's no one for us.

and then we start to ponder;
about the existence,
whether something is missing,
listening to the sound of serenade at night,
got speechless at times,
expressing things out of control,
planning life out of tune and all.

the conclusion?

we will still wonder;
wander all around.

life goes on;
until the day we die.

sebenarnya aku clueless.
tak tahu nak cakap apa.
tapi there's something deep inside boiling to escape;
but then,
aku tak mampu nak ceritakan;


pencubit said...


chokio_nia said...

Ko sakit ape weh?? Sakit cm lam emel ke??
Kalo saket len,cte je la weh kat aku..
Kalo bkn kat cni,emel k?

sharamli said...

luahkan saja...
xperlu tanggung kesakitan s0rang2..

hans said...

ko sakit sebab lembu2 korban kah?

Ries Lee said...

aku pun jadi clueless.

pisey said...

to pencubit.


tahu2 je aku stress aku tidur.

pisey said...

to ain.

yang tu angin tgh2 malam.
aku bukan boleh tidur tak tentu hala macam zaman muda2 dulu tu.

dah tua ni.

jangan risau beb.
im alive n kicking je.

pisey said...

to sharamli.

not everything can be shared.
not everything can even be shed a single tear.

aku oke,


pisey said...

to hans.

lembu terlepas tali!

sakit jantung ada tadi.

pisey said...

to ries.

ini normal kan?


Anonymous said...

la ko napew weh?? ok kew...

pisey said...